Quotable Tuesday-Tami Lewis Brown


Today at Quotable Tuesday I am delighted to welcome fellow VCFA alum Tami Lewis Brown. She is the author of two incredible books for children: SOAR, ELINOR–the true story of America’s youngest pilot Elinor Smith–and THE MAP OF ME–the story of Margie who goes in search of her Momma and finds herself.

When I asked Tami what quote shores her up as a writer, she chose a very special one:

It is only with the heart that we see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eyes.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

“My greatest writing joy comes from probing those places in my heart to find the invisible real and trying to capture it on paper,” says Tami. “I’m inspired by Saint-Exupery, not just by his (pretty darn weird) but best known book THE LITTLE PRINCE but by his beautiful aviation writing in NIGHT FLIGHT and WIND SAND AND STARS. He inspired me as I wrote my first book SOAR, ELINOR! and in a sort of mystical way helped me to see with my heart.”

If you want to meet Tami, you could go to Smithsonian Air and Space Museum on June 16 for Become a Pilot day or drop by the Smithsonian anytime and see the recently added exhibit about Elinor Smith. Tami says she’s been making quite a few appearances at that exhibit. Bravo, Tami, keep flying high.

And thank you for the Saint-Exupery quote. It is one of my very favorites.

2 Responses to “Quotable Tuesday-Tami Lewis Brown”

  1. Jack

    This quote may well be my very favorite quote. Every time I read it, I come to a stop. I know that I am seeing something of great, great importance. I check my breath; I feel like time has stopped; I am being challenged to pick the values I will embody. How will I treat other people… and how will I treat myself? With Joy and Patience? I am so fortunate to be alive and healthy.

    Thank you for posting this quote.