Quotable Tuesday-Annette Simon

It doesn’t often happen that Quotable Tuesday gets to host an author on the very day their book is born. But today we do. Please welcome my friend and former Austinite Annette Simon, the author and illustrator of This Book is For All Kids (Andrews McMeel), Mockingbirdies (Simply Read), and Robot Zombie Frankenstein!  (Candlewick) which makes its debut today. Welcome to the world, Robot Zombie Frankenstein! and congratulations, Annette.

When I asked Annette what are her favorite quotes about writing and/or the creative process, she said, “The best one is from my brother, Phil, a former major-league ballplayer and an all-around good guy. Phil was drafted out of college by the Chicago Cubs, and remains a die-hard fan. One day I asked him about the rubber bracelet around his wrist, and he explained IT’S GONNA HAPPEN is a Cubbies’ fan’s belief that the team will eventually win the World Series. He gave me a bracelet, to sit atop a pile of dummies I was then submitting. Phil said, without doubt, it was gonna happen–I’d find an agent and get published.

10 Responses to “Quotable Tuesday-Annette Simon”

  1. Meredith Davis

    Thank you for this morning inspiration, Annette-I sit at my desk with a smile on my face and renewed vigor. It’s so fascinating, how one’s bent is displayed in the quotes they choose. I am lucky enough to know Annette personally, and she is playful and whimsical and works hard until “the damn book” is written, just as these quotes and inspirations demonstrate. So excited to see Robot Zombie Frankenstein on the shelves!

    Lindsey, thank you for another great post-you’ve brought me great joys in these little doses of inspiration.

  2. Lindsey

    I love this post. I love that Annette kept sending me more and more visuals. I love that she came over to play. Thanks for visiting, Mere.

  3. Annette

    Thank you for asking, Lindsey, and for celebrating the robots’ birthday with me! (You too, Meredith! You’re too kind.) I second Meredith’s remarks on great joys in little doses. Much appreciation!

  4. Kelly

    Thank you for this! Delightful, Fun and a great reminder not to take ourselves seriously!

  5. Jack

    I started smiling almost immediately after I started reading this post, and when I read the cartons, I began laughing and laughing and laughing. I had to stop reading because my eyes were tearing from all the laughter. I was in “silly” land because of the “monsters”, the kid and the mom. Then I saw the “Dick and Jane” and started roaring again.

    This is one of the funniest posts in a long time. What a wonderful way to poke fun at how overly serious and fearful we are!

    My compliments to Annette for being such a “player” in the world of humor, and my appreciation to you Lindsey for investing so much time posting this and other encouraging and helpful words and ideas for everybody.

    This is truly a terrific post.


  6. Annette

    You all are welcome to pop into my studio anytime. Thanks again, Lindsey. Do you know how much YOU are an inspiration?