Quotable Tuesday

Today’s quote comes to us through a circuitous route. I am part of a listserve of Austin kidlit writers and illustrators. Recently someone posted a link to the Blue Rose Girl’s blog where Libby Koponen was musing about when it might be time to give up on a manuscript. She cites an agent who told her recently that when

“she looks over her list, the mss. that ended up selling the best are the ones that took longest to place.”

Then Koponen links to an article at howstuffworks.com which lists the 14 bestselling books repeatedly rejected by publishers.

So it is with us as writers. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to find the right set of hands to usher your manuscript into the world. Keep the faith. And keep writing the best manuscript you possibly can.

2 Responses to “Quotable Tuesday”

  1. Meredith Davis

    Thanks for the pick me up, Lindsey, as I begin another day editing my manuscript. Hope and perseverance, they are as necessary as my keyboard and revisions.