Quotable Tuesday-Kristine George


Today at Quotable Tuesday, I am joined by the brilliant Kristine George. Kristine is the author of children’s poetry including EMMA DILEMMA, FOLD ME A POEM and my personal favorite HUMMINGBIRD NEST

As a writer, she has many quotes about writing that she loves but this one by Christopher Fry stands out:

“Poetry is the language in which man explores his own amazement.”

“This quote,” says George. “Serves as a reminder to me that when I’m astonished or something touches me deeply, poetry is an excellent place to “put” those feelings. It’s also a call to look and think more deeply, not simply say, “That’s cool!” and move on.

“Fry’s quote goes hand in hand with something my teacher, Myra Cohn Livingston, said often:

“Take time to fill up the well.”

“Indeed! I won’t find any “amazements” if I sit all day at a desk.”

Kristine has some amazing news: EMMA DILEMMA: Big Sister Poems (Clarion Books/ Illustrated by Nancy Carpenter) won the Claudia Lewis Award from Bank Street.

Thank you, Kristine, for taking the time to share the quotes that inspire you as a writer.