Gulp…Scary Thing Up Ahead

Writers are storytellers, right?

Sort of. Writers write stories down. We craft beginnings, middles and endings. We revise; we tweak; we hone. We read what we’ve written aloud. It is a very different thing to get up in front an audience without those finely crafted pages and simply tell a story.


But that’s what I am going to do on Saturday night at 730 @ Casa de Luz. That’s tomorrow.


About two years ago, a very brilliant woman named Amparo Garcia-Crow started The Living Room. One of the things Amparo loves best in this world is telling stories and being told a story. So she gathered friends for an evening of storytelling. It caught on. Now, on the first Saturday of every month, The Living Room happens at Casa de Luz on 1701 Toomey Rd. You can read an article about it in this week’s Austin Chronicle.

I started attending The Living Room about a year ago. I noticed when I thought about telling a story, I got nervous. But not so nervous, I wasn’t curious. What would happen if I set down those well-crafted written words (Think clothes made out of pages and pages of words) and simply told a story (Think naked). So I am. Sporting a pimple on my forehead (Think nervous first date), I will tell a story tomorrow night.


4 Responses to “Gulp…Scary Thing Up Ahead”

  1. Jack

    I am excited for you! You’re a great story teller… and I bet the crowd loves the NAKED STORY TELLER!!

    May Snoopy be your co-pilot. 🙂


  2. Lindsey

    It was really great to step out from behind the written word. I recommend it, Mere. Hint. Hint.