More Digital Revelatory Thoughts or Learning to Surf the Tsunami

True story: Last month, I hopped on my bike and joined thousands of Austinites on the East Austin Studio Tour. One studio where I stopped was a digital boutique which creates apps. Inside, a handwritten sign on the wall said, “Try our apps!” On the table were four different cake plates with plexi-glass covers. On each plate was a smart phone. As I stood there deciding which phone to pick up so I could try out an app, a woman standing next to me said, “Oh too bad, all the appetizers are gone.”

No, that’s not the end of the story. The end of the story happened a moment later when one of the app developers lifted a cake lid, picked up the phone and without missing a beat, said, “Are the batteries gone?” Tap. Tap. The screen lighted up. Then he turned to the woman and said,  “Let me show you the app we designed.”

We are in a virtual digital tsunami. I love that this guy didn’t make this woman feel stupid. Instead, she learned how to play a game and surf the tsunami just a little bit better.

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