A Memory

Many years ago, when I was quite wee, someone gave me “Pooh’s Birthday Book.”

Here is a picture of the exact book taken from an etsy site. My own copy has drifted away.

The book is a collection of quotes from all the A.A. Milne books for each day of the year. The quote for my birthday is:

“There was a moment right before Pooh began to eat the honey which was better than when he was but he didn’t know quite what to call it.”

Even before I knew what to call it, I knew exactly what Pooh meant. I love the waiting for Christmas, the bubble and fizz of anticipation. Enjoy these moments before the day, each and every one.

4 Responses to “A Memory”

  1. Meredith Davis

    Thanks for reminding me of this, Lindsey! There is much bubble and fizz around here these days, but there are also many quiet moments with the kids buried deep in a book and the soft glow of Christmas lights and good smells coming from the kitchen-I love Christmas and I love Pooh, the perfect quote for this morning.

  2. jama

    Oh, thanks for the Pooh sponsored moment of anticipation, dear Lindsey! Happy Christmas to you and yours :).