A Gift from Sara Hickman

So I opened up my mail queue recently and there was a gift from Sara Hickman. A song from her newest cd The Best of Times. As Texas State Musician of the Year, Sara has dedicated her energy  to raising awareness and funding for arts education programs in Texas schools.

To receive your free copy of the song (which, by the way, is Willie Nelson, singing Simply), click here and type BEST in the code spot along with your email and presto, a new song is yours.  Feel free to pass the gift along. You might be inspired to buy the actual cd as, you know, a gift. If you do, all proceeds benefit the Theatre Action Project.

2 Responses to “A Gift from Sara Hickman”

  1. Kelly

    Thank you for sharing this musical gift Lindsey. And for letting us know about The Theatre Action Project. I’ll pass it on! Happy holidays, Kelly