Out on the Bendy Branches

I am writer who likes public speaking. I like wiggly three year olds and I like thoughtful adults.

I like thinking about an idea, fleshing it out, putting clothes on it, making it presentable, fun, engaging, even a little risky. I love the unexpected nature of the audience and figuring out how to dance with them. Yeah, I am writer who likes to come out of the cave and speak publicly.

On Saturday, November 12 at 11 am, I’ll get to do just that at Book People when I present Out on the Bendy Branches: Shifting the Paradigm from Write what You Know to Write What You Think You Can’t. It is a lecture about the writer’s life and how we have to face our fears and step out on the thin, bendy branches to find a whole new point of equilibrium in our stories. To illustrate that very point of getting out on the bendy branches, I sing, speak in a French accent and make a fantastic correlation between Calder’s mobiles and the craft of writing in this very presentation. Ha!

I would so love you to come and dance with me.

Climbing while reading to little ones.

4 Responses to “Out on the Bendy Branches”

  1. Jack

    What a great subject and what a fun morning you will have! Will Inspector Clouseau be there? 🙂