Digital Revelation

This week I did a guest blog over at the Association of Library Service to Children (ALSC). ALSC is a division of the American Library Association and is the world’s largest organization dedicated to the support and enhancement of library service to children from creative programming to continuing education.

I was very proud to share my digital revelation with more than 4,200 children’s and youth librarians, children’s literature experts, publishers, education and library school faculty members.

What was my digital revelation, you ask? Ahh, for that, you must click here.

One Response to “Digital Revelation”

  1. Katia Novet Saint-Lot

    There is so much to learn, but you’re right, the speed at which things are moving today means that most of us learn as we go. And we should. I’ve been reading an interesting book about how in our increasingly digital world, we need to rethink education, our schools, AND the work place, because we’re still functioning in the industrialized era mode of the 20th century, and this can no longer work. I’d like to see Amadi adapted for the iPad. The colors in Dimitrea’s illustrations would look stunning, I bet.