Living in Austin

So this weekend alone, there are nine festivals and events going on in the center of town: The Texas Book Festival; the Austin Film Festival; Green City Festival; Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival; Viva La Vida Festival; Farmers Market; Abolish Death Penalty Parade; Purple Stride 5K Run and Tour de Fat. And world series baseball. So why on earth would I tell you to be sure to download an app of Snuggle Mountain?

Because you never know when someone might get a little bored. Just saying…

Thanks to Donna Bowman Bratton for the sweet photo.

4 Responses to “Living in Austin”

  1. Donna Bowman Bratton

    So glad you could use the photo, Linds. This is the younger sibling of my son’s baseball teammate. During practice one evening, he became really fidgety and whiney so I said, “hey wanna hear a cool story?” SNUGGLE MOUNTAIN glued him to his seat. He loved it.

    I hope to see you around the Texas Book Festival this weekend. Hugs:)