Quotable Tuesday-Blessy Mathew

Today’s quote comes to us from my friend, fellow VCFA classmate and writer with a beautiful voice Blessy Mathew. When I asked Blessy what quote buoyed her and sustained her as a writer, this is what she shared:

But I encourage you to summon the courage and develop the skill (through practice and riffing and other techniques) to write with a strong and open connection with your truth–from your heart, mind, and spirit. “

“I love this quote,” says Blessy. “Because it reminds me a lot of the principles of yoga. I practice yoga weekly, and for me as a writer it’s nice to have a similar connection to writing. Both yoga and writing require a great amount of practice, patience, and commitment to fully develop. It’s about being present and going with the flow, not trying to control the end result, but allowing the asanas (postures) in yoga or the words in stories to come naturally. Writing and yoga are not about obtaining perfection, but having the courage to continue to hone these skills. As a result, in yoga, we experience the deep connection within ourselves and the life around us, and in writing, the connection to our stories and readers.”

If you would like to connect more to Blessy and her writing, check out her blog, Reflecting Runes.

Thank you, Blessy, for bringing your calm insight to the writing process.