Today I am thinking about eggs.

Specifically, one egg.

This one little egg left the nest this week, attached to the bottom of an email sent to an agent. This is a very big deal, this egg leaving the nest, so to speak. Oh it’s been looked at before by many readers and critiquers but this time, well this time, it’s different. In my mind, the egg is ready for its next stage of maturation which may mean it will get buffeted about by no’s and revision requests and who knows what else. I’m feeling a little protective of my little egg out in the world. But it’s ready. I’m ready.

In other egg news, the teen arrives home this evening from two weeks of hiking and horse back riding in Montana. I am so excited to see how my little egg has grown and have her back in the nest.

So to speak.

2 Responses to “Eggs”

  1. Anonymous


    May the bird inside be strong and beautiful and bring great joy to many.

    What a wonderful a place to be in the creative process… exciting, anxious, hopeful, eager.

    I am happy and excited for you. Way to go!