Smile Redux

Smiling is powerful stuff. Back in March, I had this experience. Today, over at Fuse 8 News, Betsy Bird shared this Ted Talk about smiling as she and her husband await their three week old daughter’s first smile.

Gutman’s talk reminds me of some anonymous wisdom dished out to me on the streets of New York City decades ago. I was trying to look tough and unapproachable when this guy said, “You know why you should smile?”

I glowered.

He said, “It looks good. It feels good. And people wonder what you have been doing.”

I haven’t stopped smiling since.



5 Responses to “Smile Redux”

  1. Dana Walrath

    Love it and your smile, Lindsey. Not mention how smiling reinforces the pathways of nerves that help us smile! Smiles lead to more smiles on a cellular level.