Holding a Small Vigil

Very early this morning, I was awakened by fluttering. I raised my head off my pillow and looked out the window thinking I would see a bird there in the dim, dawn light.

No bird.

More fluttering.

I sat up and saw our cat (appropriately named Trouble) cornering a small mockingbird under my desk. Light grey flecks of feathers speckled the dark green rug.

I’ll be honest. I wanted to pull the covers over my head. Instead, I got up, put Trouble in the bathroom, wrapped the wounded bird in a towel and carried it outside.

What to do? I could feel its heart beating in my hand. But I knew at least one of its wings and one of its legs were broken. There was a puncture wound on its belly and it was hard to say how much of its thimble full blood was still in its small body.

I laid it under a tree. It was quiet. I wished it well on its next journey. Then I watched until it didn’t flutter anymore.

4 Responses to “Holding a Small Vigil”

  1. jama

    This is beautiful and sad at the same time. I’m glad you were there to wish this bird safe journey.

  2. rob

    you did all you could.
    Bosco had a baby morning dove cornered the other day, too…
    I put Bosco at bay and the dove leapt/flew away. Well, I hope.
    Must be going around…