So This Very Cool Thing Happened…

Yesterday I skyped with Lynette Mattke of PicPocket Books and saw the app of Snuggle Mountain on her desktop in Maryland.

Doesn’t that blow your mind?

I’m in Austin looking at something on someone’s else computer desktop in a whole ‘nother state. Geez. Okay, okay. I am a writer. I sit alone on my porch listening to mourning doves coo, coo, coo while I tap, tap, tap on my keys. I am easily awed by such technological wizardry.

So how was the app, you wonder?

Fantastic. The voice of the child actor reading the text was pitch perfect. The addition of sounds and meows and tail wags was just right. What I love about PicPocket Books is that they want to keep the integrity of the book and not make it a game.

Is it ready, you ask?

Almost. Very nearly. You’ll know soon.

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all.

2 Responses to “So This Very Cool Thing Happened…”

  1. Liz Fichera

    Skype is a beautiful thing. I use it to talk/see my sister in Chicago all of the time.

    So nice to connect with you today, Lindsey!