Many years ago, my best friend Lyn called me from New York City and said, “Guess what happened on my way to work today?”


“I walked out of our loft and the garbage man whistled and said, “You and the sun are the best things I’ve seen all day.”

I swooned. I love moments of poetry like this. Unexpected. Incongruous. Sweet.

I had my own moment of poetry this week. I was walking out of the grocery, smiling, and a man said, “That sure is a nice smile.”

“Why thank you.”

We shook hands. He introduced himself as Stanley.

He said, “You make me think of that song by Nat King Cole, Smile?”

I squinted, trying to recall it. “Can you sing it?” I asked.

And he did. Right there, in the parking lot of the grocery store.


8 Responses to “Smile”

  1. Alexa

    Definitely a swoonworthy moment. Those are the little treasures that keep us going. Smiles are indeed precious things. Like friends.

  2. Lindsey

    Totally. And I think it’s moments like these that make us be more unexpected and loving in our friendships.

  3. Lyn Petit

    Total smile. Thank you. That’s how our link carries us. Bff 🙂