Yesterday, after I was done with my day of writing, I sat down to read my daily round of blogs. Imagine my surprise when I opened my friend Bethany Hegedus’s blog and saw my name. She was talking about an interview she had done with Erin Fanning over at Word Crushes. You see, Bethany wears many hats: author of two middle grade novels Between Us Baxters and Truth with a Capital T, Office Manager at Writer’s League of Texas and Children’s and YA editor at Hunger Mountain. Bethany was wearing her Hunger Mountain editor hat for this interview and Erin asked Bethany, “Is there a story (or two) that was completely unforgettable… changed your life or outlook in some way?”

Bethany said, “I recently read a short story cycle manuscript, titled, The Pullout, for a friend and though my opinion was supposed to come as Bethany, friend and fellow critiquer, what I originally thought as I was reading is: I have, have, have, to have one of these stories to showcase in the spring issue of Hunger Mountain. The one I choose, that I thought would resonate most from the collection VCFA grad Lindsey Lane is stringing together is a story called The Proposal. Lindsey, who has been known as a picture book writer, did something brave and beautiful in her short story cycle. She went deep and the work she laid bare had a profound affect on me.”

And then I clicked over to the interview where Bethany also shared what she had written to me when she read my short story cycle. It stunned me then. It stunned me now. And I am humbled. Imagine having a writer you respect write such things about you.

Thank you, B.

In other really good news, I just signed a contract with PicPocket Books to turn my out of print picture book Snuggle Mountain into an Iphone and Ipad app. I am excited that my first book gets a second life and will stay in the hands of readers. YeeHaw…I’ll keep you posted about this new adventure as I head out into the new frontier called epublishing.

8 Responses to “Blush…”

  1. Jack Ridley

    Lindsey!! Congratulations a thousand times on your iPhone and iPad app contract!! That is really great news! Way to go PicPocket Books and Lindsey! Jack
    … and since you are on this wonderful streak, will you buy me a Lotto ticket? 🙂 Way to go! You deserve it.

  2. jama

    Congrats on the PicPocket contract! Yay for Snuggle Mountain (just borrowed it from the library for the second time).

    Can’t wait to read your short story in Hunger Mountain. That was so wonderful what Bethany said! 🙂

  3. Bethany Hegedus

    And I meant every word…no reason to blush. Your short story cycle is a thing of bitter beauty. I am honored I get to publish The Pullout.

  4. Lindsey Lane

    You bet. I’ll check in with you after the app goes live. Or launches. Or does whatever apps do when people can finally buy them.