School Visit Friday

I’m off to do a school visit today.

YEEHAW! YippieYiO!

Really, I love school visits.  I love them because I love writing and I love getting out of my writing cave to be with students and share my excitement. Today I will give a presentation of how my book, Snuggle Mountain, became a book. From Inspiration to Hardcover.

One of the things I love to tell students is there are no right or wrong answers with writing. There’s spelling and grammar. But writing is about imagination and letting it go wild. To illustrate, I hand them a pack of word cards and ask them to pick three words. They tell me the words. Say: ‘banana’ ‘pickle’ ‘splendid’ and I write them on the board. Then I give them the challenge: write a three minute story using all three words and one of the words has to the first word. I set the timer and do a two minute version in front of them. Then it’s their turn. We pick three more words and GO!

It’s hilarious and fun and I gotta go.