The Rhythm of Friday

As I blog and read blogs more regularly, I notice a certain rhythm to the week. Especially on Friday. In the kid lit world, many of my friends (Cynthia Leitich Smith and Bethany Hegedus) and colleagues (Nathan Bransford) do a wrap up of the week’s news.

It’s natural. I find myself wanting to do the same. But rather than cover ground that is already being well tracked by many, I want to share the coolest thing I read this week. It is written by Greg Delaney whom I am lucky enough to call family in that broad yummy sense of the word. Greg is a visual artist, a performing artist and all around decent human being. This week he wrote about the death of a dog. You see, Greg is one of those deep feeling guys; unafraid to cry and laugh out loud. No sniffing or tittering for him. This week, a dear friend’s dog had to be helped to die and Greg wrote this fantastic blog post called Enjoy Every Sandwich. What it makes it so great as a piece of writing is not just its honesty but also how he lands it in a surprising but oh so right place.

Enjoy Every Sandwich.

Greg…not in Seattle…

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