Gratitude-Week Five

Sunday December 26 I am grateful for all the gifts I received. Mostly I am grateful for all the thoughtfulness and love tied up in bright red ribbons.

Monday, December 27 I am grateful that I can pay my bills. It’s that simple and that complicated.

Tuesday, December 28 Living in Austin. Sometimes this city amazes me how it continually reinvents itself. We decided to stay home this week and go to restaurants we’d always wanted to try, see new films, go to museums and generally stumble upon new stuff to do. You can do all of it here and run out of time way before the next adventure.

Wednesday, December 29 I am grateful when my Dad calls. I am grateful that he is alive and well. He may be 90 but his voice still has that chuckle, that simple tether to a long life filled with love.

Thursday December 30 I am grateful for this month of gratitude, of being awake and alive and relishing the moments that fill our hearts with love and make our lives much sweeter.

Friday, December 31 Endings and beginnings. I love the moment of completion, the sigh of satisfaction, the Ta-Dah of it all. I love the promise of something new, the empty page, the possibility of tomorrow.