Standing Bow Pose and Writing

This is standing bow pose. This is not me doing it. I can not do it. I can not even put ‘yet’ at the end of that sentence. It is hard. I have made a little progress. But not much. During my last attempt, the teacher said, “Try to fall some place new.” Huh? “If you always wobble and fall in the same place, go past it and fall in a new place.”

I love this idea. It’s sort of like: “Go get stuck in a new place so that when you go back to that first stuck place, it will be gone.”

I think it’s true. When I get stuck in the revision of a manuscript, I try to move ahead to a different scene that needs work. When I go back to that first stuck scene, I can usually see what needs to happen.

Next time you’re stuck, try falling a new place.