Gratitude-Week Two

Sunday, December 5  My workout partner. We have been waking up and meeting each other in the wee hours of the morning to run, walk or lift weights for 20 years!! I am on my knees grateful for you, dear Liza. Here’s to another 20 years and being fit enough to fall on our knees in gratitude for each other forever.

Monday, December 6  My close circle of friends. I am blessed by the most extraordinary circle of dear friends.

Tuesday, December 7  Writing. What I love about writing is the vague nudge of an idea, then word by word, the idea drops onto the page where I can shape it, put flesh on it, make it walk around, even run. It is so cool and I am so grateful I can do it.

Wednesday,  December 8 The sunrise. In Austin, in the winter, sunrises ink the sky with red, purple, orange and pink. What a gift to start the day.

Thursday, December 9 Christmas lights. May I never tire of putting them up, looking at them, or having my breath taken away by them.

Friday, December 10 My neighbors. How they look out for us, for our animals, our yard. I feel blessed.

Saturday, December 11  Familial duty. Sometimes, with family,  you show up even when you don’t want to or when they don’t want you to and it all turns out okay because you’re family and that’s what you do.