Fourteen years ago…

Today is the day I became a mom fourteen years ago.

Today is the day I changed in one moment from being a single person to a mom. It is stunning to me how in minute we become something else, like when we say ‘I do,’ we become a spouse. Or when our first book is published, we change from being a writer to an author.

Those are the joyful events that change a person’s moniker. The tragic events are just as numerous. Widow. Orphan.

But today is about the joyful ones. Today is about celebrating the child that changed my life and altered the architecture of my soul.

Celebrate your loved ones today and how they changed your life.

2 Responses to “Fourteen years ago…”

  1. Jack Ridley

    I have been smiling all day since I read this earlier today.
    What a wonderful day for Gabi and you! Happy, Happy Birthday to you both!!

    Thanks for sharing your joy and your delight.