Yoga and Writing

A couple of times a week I go to the Yoga studio and submit to a 90 minute guided meditation. I say ‘submit’ because the practice takes place in a 105 degree room and the 26 postures are exactly the same in exactly the same order every time. For some, this could be intensely boring.

For me, it isn’t.

Because every time I go, I intersect the meditation at a different place. Simply, I am different every time I go while the practice stays the same. Some days, I suck at the balance series. (Hmm, I wonder if the rest of my life is a bit out of balance.) Recently, I realized I dreaded the spine strengthening series less. (Could it be? My spine is getting stronger.) Some days, the room feels less hot, even cool. (What’s that about?)

When I sit down to put words on paper, it is exactly the same practice every time but I am different each time. Some days I come to the task on fire. On other days, I am more tentative. On still others, I make myself put my butt in the chair because that’s what you have to do to get words on the page.

The practice is the same. You are what changes and grows. Think about it.