The Death Defying Life of a Writer

There I was tap-tap-taping away at my computer and my character started to have a heart attack. Right at the tip of my fingers.

“Wait. Stop,” I said to the computer screen. “You can’t have a heart attack. You’re supposed to wait for your high school crush to show up. You can’t die.”

How did this happen?

I scanned back up the screen. My character had just recognized that he wanted his crush. He felt it. He knew it. With every fiber of his being. It seized him.

But a heart attack?

Well he’s 70. It could happen. But a heart attack would twist the story away from where I wanted it to go. So I rewrote the scene and I brought him back from the brink of death so he could wait for his crush to show up.

Now I just have to check with a doctor to see if it’s believable.

Ahh, the life of a writer….