Taking a cue from Greg Pincus

Yesterday, Greg Pincus of the happy accident blogged about setting expectations for readers of your blog. Expectations like blogging regularly so they know when to expect a few words from you.


I wouldn’t exactly call myself a luddite but I have been slow to strap on all these socal media tools. Three years ago when I finally got my website up, I felt tad exposed. When I started blogging shortly thereafter, allbeit irregularly, I felt like I was walking around with toilet paper stuck on the heel of my shoe. Really.

It has taken time for me to feel comfortable presenting myself in this public forum. Gradually, though, I have become more at ease when I sit down to tap, tap, tap a blog. I know I am a writer, mother, reader, teacher, student and I write from that perspective.

So now I will write from that perspective more regularly. Greg committed to two days a week with a caveat that he might sneak in a few more. So I will do the same.

Tuesday and Friday, dear readers of my blog. You may expect a blog from me on Tuesday and Friday, with a perhaps a few sprinkled in between.

There. Committed. Gulp.