Hey cool…

I follow several blogs each week. They are like reading the newspaper. Better, though because I can skip the murders and politics and go straight to the kidlitosphere.

One I like very much is Nathan Bransford. It is a great mix of of writerly talk as well as big picture thinking about the publishing industry. On Friday his blog post is called This Week in Publishing. It is a wrap up of all newsworthy events in publishing from blogs to ipads to Harry Potter. At the end of the blog, Nathan always tips his hat to someone who made an especially funny or insightful comment during the week.

This week it was me.

Comment! Of! The! Week! goes to Lindsey, who put a great image together with the concept of J.K. Rowling, clutch writer:

Here’s my image of Rowling’s final clutch touchdown: My daughter and I are standing in the parking lot of BookPeople in Austin, Texas. It is the midnight release of the seventh book. Thousands of people up and waiting. The Austin Symphony is playing Hedwig’s Theme. Bookstore employees and fans are dressed as HP characters. All manner of games, mazes and foods related to the world of HP are tucked into different areas of the parking lot. My daughter looks around at some of the fans and says, “They’re so old.” (She was ten, ‘they’ were 20-somethings.) And that’s when I got Rowling’s amazing play: She reached generations of readers with this story. She created a world and we all entered in. Parents, grandparents, children, teens…we all know what a muggle is.
What a run, what a marathon.

Cool, huh?

Thanks, Nathan. It’s a pleasure to add a comment to your fine blog.