Eavesdropping on Teens

The teens in our carpool are reading Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.

Teen 1: We have to annonate 32 pages of Fahrenheit 451 tonight. Groan.

Teen 2: Yeah. But I’m really liking the book.

Teen 1: Me, too.

Teen 2: There are so many story lines. I can’t believe that it’s all going to come together.

Teen 1: All books have different story lines.

Teen 2: I know but these are really different. It makes me feel smart when they all come together. Like somehow I’ve been the one weaving them together.

Teen 1: The writer weaves them together.

Teen 2: Yeah I know but it feels like I’m the one doing it.

Writers take note. Let your readers enter in and connect the dots. It makes them feel smarter.