Writers write

Last week, my friend Brian Yansky wrote a blog post about how writers must write even we are stuck.

I agree one hundred thousand percent.

Today I am stuck. Well, not stuck exactly. More like I am staring at my middle grade novel, reading over scenes, trying to hold the whole thing in my head so I can see where I’ve dropped threads or over explained something or wandered off track. It’s a bit grueling this staring and holding and balancing.

But I must do it. Even if we’re not writing, per se, we have to show up. Every day. Scribbling ideas in the margins, drawing long looping arrows from one block of text to another, even correcting grammar and changing the order of sentences is writing. Besides if we don’t show up, we won’t be there for when a scene tumbles out of us.

Writers write and we must show up even when we are stuck.