Visiting the Oldest School in Texas

WOW…That’s what I said when Librarian Maureen Slocum said that Pease Elementary School is the oldest continually operating school in Texas. 1876. Wow, right? And what a vibrant community of children from all over the Austin because their parents work downtown.

And smart? Holy Moley. At one point while reading the book, I ask, “What do you think will wake the two headed giant?” After a few guesses, I give a hint. “What is the biggest light bulb in the world?” A kindergartner with a birthday crown on his head, said, “The sun.” Geez, I don’t think I was that aware in kindergarten.

Always during my visits, I tell the story of the book’s inspration: Early one morning, I woke to find my daughter peering up at me in bed. I was struck with the idea that I must look like a giant and the bed, a mountain. A Snuggle Mountain.

A little boy raised his hand and said that in his house, there is a blue couch and he thinks it is the Great Wall of China.


7 Responses to “Visiting the Oldest School in Texas”

  1. KiKi

    Wow, such big-hearted momliness in that writerly soul of yours. Love the sweet insights you provide. The little ones are lucky.

  2. Allyn


  3. Lindsey

    Or perhaps…Ol’ Baldie…in which Emma must wake the gentle, snoring (balding) grandpa-like lump in the guest room…whom she must wake to scale the jungle gym like mountains in the park in order to what? Eat pizza?

  4. Allyn

    Yep, that’s a good plot point. Kids love munching pizza. So does Homer Simpson: “Mmmm. Pizza.”

    You need a twist ending, though. Like, the pizza turns out to be…bah-bah-bah…delivered! Or, as Homer might suggest: “Mmmm. Donut pizza.”

    When the book gets made into a tween movie, make sure your contract stipulates that the cute girly-boy Justin Bieber sings the hit theme song. And retain at least 10% of the rights for merchandising! (Trust me on that one; I rue the day I signed away 98% of merch profits from my YA epic. But enough about me.)

    Happy tap-tap-tapping on your keyboard. The world (wide web) awaits you.

  5. T. Graham

    Hello! We loved your visit to our school! I want to send you some cards my first graders made for you. I also want to send you the pictures I took of your visit.