Sunday Miscellaneous

Chris Barton and Shark v. Train strikes again

Statesman book reviewer Sharyn Vane posts a notice about Chris’s upcoming signing at Book People on Saturday April 24 @ 1pm and uses the word ‘delightful.’ Vane tends towards understatement so ‘delightful’ is high praise, indeed.

Went to see B-side from the A List at Austin Community College last night. It was an evening of little performed short plays from Ionesco, Beckett, Pinter and Albee. Really fine. I was remembering how these playwrights turned the theatre world on its traditional ear by taking the commonplace and cranking into the absurd. They were a precursor to so much dance, music, film that pushed the envelope of permission. Really, they tore that #10 up. Fine play and well done.

3 Responses to “Sunday Miscellaneous”

  1. Starla

    Do you remember that theatre space that was downtown in the early to mid 80s (maybe longer), between W.5th & W. 2nd, off of Rio Grande/Nueces/San Antonio? It had stadium seating (unusual in Austin at the time) & the seats wound around the stage in something of a half circle. Very cool space, no doubt long-since replaced by some lame condo project.

    Racking my brain but can’t recall the name of the place. Sound familiar? If so, please help!

  2. Lindsey

    I think you are thinking of Capitol City Playhouse. Yes?
    Not a condo project. Kind of a funky grouping of restaurants and coffeehouses.

  3. Starla S.

    Wasn’t Cap City Playhouse in what’s now the Warehouse District, near W. 4th & Lavaca? I think the space is an Irish pub now.

    The place I’m trying to remember was a few blocks east of there. Plain facade, in a building you wouldn’t think housed a theatre.

    Guess I’ll have to go to the Austin History Center & look it up.

    Gracias, senorita.