A Nice Thing…

Somedays, you’re writing along in your office and you reach a stopping place and you go over to check your emails (which used to be like walking out to the mailbox…remember?) and there is this nice message to you from fellow writer Carmen Oliver about your book Snuggle Mountain.

It went like this:

Last week, I lent my Snuggle Mountain book to my son’s kindergarten teacher. She was looking for picture books that kept children guessing as to the outcome of the story. How something appears to be something and turns out to be something completely different. She absolutely loved Snuggle Mountain, like I knew she would. She ordered a copy of it and was “sigh” disappointed to find it out of print. She was able to get a copy of it and you’ve now got another admirer in your corner. Anyone who reads your work is a fan. Just wanted to share that with you 🙂  Carmen

Little notes like these lift a person’s spirit. Especially when that person is writing like mad and is stuck in existential madness of wondering if one is a writer when one doesn’t have a book under contract or about to be published and the book that they have authored is out of print.

Sigh…so it’s nice to go to the mailbox and find this nice thing that tells me I am what I think I am. A writer.

2 Responses to “A Nice Thing…”

  1. Carmen Oliver

    I love being able to recommend great books to teachers and it’s so easy to do with yours! Glad I was able to put a smile on your pretty face 🙂