To Blog or Not To…

Beginning today, I will begin posting blogging tips from fellow writers. Essentially I am inviting them over to hang out with me in this blogging corner. You see, even though writers create worlds, the act of writing can be a lonely experience. Sometimes blissfully so. Sometimes not so much…

When I added this blog to my writing world, it was like adding on a room to my house that I hadn’t decorated or done whatever one does to make it homey. 

What to do?

Invite writer friends around the world to tell me why they blog.

Today April Lurie shares her thoughts.

I first met April just after her first book, Dancing in the Street of Brooklyn, came out. As a picture book author, I am always awed when a writer pens something longer than 32 pages. I am stunned when that writer writes a novel and is a mother of four children with a good marriage. Talk about writing in the margins.

But that’s April. Calm, steady, almost always smiling.

When she talks about the blogging corner of her life, she says:

For me, having a blog is a way my readers can get to know me.  When something different or unusual pops into my head I’ll compose a short blog.  I like to add photos or pictures for color and variety.  Somtimes I brag about my kids.  When I’m working on a book I’ll post the trials and tribulations of being a writer.  If I have a book coming out, I’ll post the cover art and reviews.  Well, the nice ones anyway.

Since Dancing in the Street of Brooklyn came out, two more books followed: Boyfriends, Brothers and Other Criminal Minds and The Latent Powers of Dylan Fontaine. The fourth book is with her publisher, Delacorte, and she is working on her fifth. Again, I am awed.

One Response to “To Blog or Not To…”

  1. stanleykowalski

    Writing = lonely. Really?

    Solitary, yes. Lonely? Not what I’d call it. (As if a busy gal like yourself ever finds time for lonely moments!)

    Besides, aren’t you just fond enough of your control that you don’t really want to share the keyboard with anyone else? Would we be attracted to such a solitary exercise otherwise?

    Check you later, L2.