Bernadette Noll-Blogger, Mother, Ruler of Her World

Am I a wimp or what?

I can’t post a blog in four months. I send out a request to fellow writers to hang out with me in my blogging room to make it cozy and who are the first ones to respond? Women with not one, not two, but four children. Geez…

Today, Bernadette Noll (aka Bern) comes over for a visit. I have long admired this woman. Her easy going nature. Her big, unabashed laugh. Her Irish chutzpah. (There must be a Gaelic word for such a quality.)

It turns out that Bern write five blogs. Not singlehandedly. But still…

Here’s her thinking:

“I blog because it feels good to share the experience of life, living, the pursuit of happiness and all that encompasses. I blog because some people have told me that I seem “so together” and so I write it all down to show them that yes, sometimes I”m together and sometimes I’m scattered pieces on the floor and sometimes I’m together after sweeping up the scattered pieces. Sometimes the only reason we have it all together in the first place is because the together is the solution to the scattered. I blog about it all – whatever strikes me, moves me, amazes me, baffles me, infuriates me, pleases me, saddens me. I suppose I blog whenever I feel the feelings.
Sometimes I think of a great blog post and then I forget it by the time I sit down to write but if I ponder a moment it will come back in some form or another.
Sometime I use a photo as my inspiration to blog.
Sometimes I use the words for it all.
I blog to remind myself of life’s moments – both the sweet and not so sweet. It’s all information towards who we are today – all these little moments. So when I write them in my blog the information becomes more clear. Sometimes even clarifying itself as I write. Blogging comes in phases. Sometimes daily for a week, sometimes less. Rarely but occasionally more.
I write on 5 blogs. One is mine and mine alone. One is shared with my 8 siblings though I do most of the posting. It’s a blog to keep folks updated on my mom’s heart surgery. And three– Slow Family LivingSlow Planet and Future Craft Collective–are collaborative each with one other. Those are my “work” and my love. Collaboration is king.  I do a few others here and there. There is no order to the method. I blog on each as I am moved to do so. Sometimes all in one sitting on all because I sometimes get in the blogging mode and mood. It’s fun to prompt yourself if you are having trouble staying on it. You know, Monday interview, Tuesday link suggestion, Wordless Wednesday with a photo, etc.
Thanks for asking because it’s good to know why and how it all happens.”