Children’s Book Writers of Austin

Back in June, I blogged about a writing weekend (Awesome Austin Writers’ Weekend) with my fellow Austin children’s book writers. We read, critiqued, supported and partied. As a writer, it is so gratifying to be part of a large supportive community because writing can be a lonely business. I feel lucky and glad to have this community right in my backyard.

When my November column in Good Life Magazine came around, top on my list of things I am thankful for is this community. So it only made sense to write about it.

I did not set out to compare A.A. Milne or Dr. Seuss to canned green beans but when I started talking about holiday shopping and buying local, I just couldn’t avoid the analogy comparing local writers to fresh foods, the classics to canned foods and the movie spin-off books to sugary cereals. It just sorta happened.

Check it out: Another Austin Treasure: Children’s Book Writers.