Dicking Around

The Short Version:
On Wednesday, August 27, at 7 pm, at the Hyde Park Theatre (43rd & Guadalupe), I will perform a monologue I wrote, ‘Making Dick Happy’ as part of the Dick Monologues. 
The Long Version:
A little more than a year ago, Spike Gillespie and I began this correspondence about her break-up with her now ex-husband. Actually, I think it was an email argument which ended with me apologizing for making an observation which had absolutely no sensitivity about what she had gone through. In one of the emails, though, she mentioned that she had just put together a show called The Dick Monologues, a series of monologues by Austin writers and performers  telling their stories about all things dick. (You know, those things that happen as a result of interacting with a dick or even even behaving like a dick, e.g. making observations that have no sensitivity.) I was intrigued. I went to see it. It was good. Funny. Fun. Serious. I went to see it again. I got to thinking about my interactions with all things dick and wrote a monologue called “Making DIck Happy.” I emailed a copy to Spike and bugged her (sort of) to let me on stage. I was thrilled when she said yes. Of course, now I am gagging with nerves and thinking, ‘Oh shit what have I done?’ But mostly I am very happy to join Spike and company onstage on Wed August 27 @ 7pm at Hyde Park Theatre and tell the story of Making Dick Happy. The Dick Monologues have played one night a month to sold out houses over the last year. This one is, in Spike’s words, “beyond sold out.” If you would like to attend the next show, you must email Spike Gillespie at spike@spikeg.com and ask her to put you on the list and she will email you when the date, time and place is set. WIll I be performing with them the next time? Don’t know. This is a guest spot. So we’ll see how I do. We’ll see if they clamor for more…

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