Ooops, a month has slipped by

I’ve been a little busy: my grad school application, my daughter’s middle school applications, an online class and, oh yeah, life.

It only makes sense that this month’s column be about what was taking up the most space in my head: my daughter’s middle school application. After going to numerous open houses, magnet fairs and principal coffees, I decided to document our experience for the benefit of others.

Writing a column, by definition, means that it is a first account of my experience, which means, if another person had written this column they might have had a totally different experience at all the middle school fairs and open houses. It is the downside and the upside of writing a first person account. The upside? My experience is my experience. The critics can’t discredit you because I am speaking from my experience. The downside: My experience is only my experience. The critics can spout their experience, which might be diametrically opposed to mine.

As soon as this month’s column hit the stands, the response was immediate. First Fulmore. Then O’Henry. Both shot off letters to the editor, vouching for the redeemable qualities of their schools. I debated for a bit about writing them back. I did in one case and didn’t in the other. I finally landed in the space that these letter writers get to have their opinion, as did I. It’s best to let their voices be heard and not get into a squabbling match.