Good News!!!!

The Short version:

On Saturday March 8, Gabi was accepted into the Kealing Magnet Program and I was accepted into MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults at Vermont College. We are both thrilled.

The Long Version:

Last Saturday morning, I answered the phone to hear, “Ms. Lane, this is Principal Jeanne Goka at the Ann Richards School. I just want to tell you I read your article and I want to thank you for helping get our message out.” Uh, thanks. “And I also want to call to tell you that Gabriella did not get admitted in to the Ann Richards School.” Hmmm…talk about a one-two punch. “I just wanted to call and tell you that news so that you would have a chance to prepare Gabriella for the letter. She definitely made it into our lottery. She’s more than qualified to be a student here but with a lottery, you never know who is going to be picked. I know she will make it into Kealing.” No lie, Jeanne Goka does talk non-stop. “And I hope you will consider applying to Ann Richards when she’s finished at Kealing.” There was a pause. I asked, “So you read the article first and then called me?” “Well, yes, I read the article and then I wanted to know if Gabriella had been admitted. That’s why I am calling. Her application was very strong. Very strong. All the teachers’ recommendations were top notch. She would absolutely fit right in at Ann Richards. I am sorry we aren’t going to have her. But with a lottery, it’s a numbers thing.” We chatted a bit more. Mostly me asking for further clarifications or reiterations. Goka does sort of barrage the listener. And then we hung up. and I was left to tell Gabi the news. I took lots of deep breaths and then I gave her the news pretty much the way Goka told it. Lots of praise. Lots of talking about how great her application was. And then of course, the ultimate news of how she was in the lottery but her number didn’t get picked. And finally, Goka’s invitation to apply to the Ann Richard School for high school. Gabi took the news in stride. The Ann Richards School was her second choice and she definitely heard all the praise.

So I knew the middle school letters were coming in the mail that day. Rather than wait around for the mail to come, we checked out the opening of the Long Performing Arts Center downtown. THen we did errands. Then we rode home and opened the fish mailbox. To my surprise, there were three letters inside: Ann Richards, Kealing and Vermont College. She and I opened the Kealing and Vermont letters at the same time, read our first lines and shrieked at the same time. WoooHooo….we made it. It’s a moment I will long remember.