Glynda Cox died

Glynda and her beloved partner, Peg Miller were co-owners of Chicago House, the fabled downtown coffee house and performance venue in Austin.

People shape us. It’s that simple really. Some do it by deeply influencing us. Some do it by staying in our lives. Some do it by watching over us. And some, like Peg and Glynda, do it by having a crazy idea like Chicago House and hosting a myriad of folks into their lives, everyday for years and years. Can you imagine? And through it all, these laughing angels Peg and Glynda, watched over us, made us laugh, kept us safe and generally shepherded many of us into adulthood. 

Thank you, Peg and Glynda. I hope my kid is as lucky as me to land in some city in the world and find a place like Chicago House and be watched over by such kind (but slightly bawdy and raucous) women and be able to grow up safely away from me.

Thank you, Peg. 

Thank you, Glynda. Now you really are an angel.