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I’m a Panelist at Austin SCBWI Monthly Meeting at BookPeople

Tommorow on Saturday, April 11, I’m going to be on a panel “Writers’ Process Q&A with MG & YA Novels” at 10am at one of my favorite indie bookstores: BookPeople. If you’re interested in books, characters, and …


Confessions of an Edgy YA writer: Part 2

Here’s where I ended my last postSo yes, I write edgy YA. Because I think teens want to look over the edge but they don’t necessarily want to jump.

Here is where I am beginning this post: I


Confessions of an Edgy YA Writer-Part 1

I write edgy young adult novels. There I’ve said it. On September 16, 2014, when Evidence of Things Not Seen is published, I will join peers like Ellen Hopkins, Laurie Halse Anderson, David Levithan and Coe Booth to name but …