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The Practice-Sanguine

Those joker doctors
Such godlike wisdom
Dividing us by humors:
Slow moving, Phlemy people
Predisposed to unexcitability
Got Phlegmatic.
The Bilious,
Whether from the black or yellow stuff
Were ill tempered.
Wouldn’t you be?
But the ruddy,
Apple cheeked,


The Practice-Cleave

Did it begin with the butcher
Or the lost soul?
Was the slicing first
or the joining?
These conundrums of beginnings
These chickens with their eggs
Same chicken but which came first?
Were we ever whole
Or did we begin …


The Practice-Redemption

The weight of it lands
thump in the middle of me
heavy in my palm
evil girl
lost girl
fallen from grace woman
If you do this
And this
And this
Oh so many this’s that you can barely lift …


The Practice-Treacle

It began in Greece as Theriakos—
A wild animal with teeth that tore holes in flesh.
Then it became Theriake and turned into a goopy serum
Poured into the gashes and wounds.
The Romans imported it as Theriaca
And repackaged …


The Practice-Woo

What is this little word that stares at me with two eyes?
Is it oogling me?
Is one of those eyes going to wink at me
And say, hey baby, come on over to the big W?
To which, I …


The Practice-Interregnum

Quick backstory: my (maternal) grandfather was legally blind. He was read to through college. Blindness did not hold him back. In fact, he hated being perceived as weak or disabled. He hated weakness. In himself or others. (There are many …


The Practice-Scorpion Heart

“It looks like a scorpion,” he said.
What?!?!? She thought. That’s a heart.
That’s clearly a heart.
How could it possibly look like a—oh wait,
He’s right. It does look like a scorpion.
And a heart.
And that’s when she …


The Practice-Leaves

What are you thinking of?
Plump aspens
Bamboo spears
The skeletal hands of oaks
Maybe the star shaped maples
Are they interlaced
Or waving
Are they still and heavy in hot dense air
Are they arching above you in a …


The Practice-Blank

as in fill in the
as in draw a
as in a mind went
as in shooting
as in point
as in look
as in empty, zero, flat, busted, broke, bare, void
when it’s a check
and you can …


The Practice-Steady

Amidst the placards and banners and chanting and the thousands upon thousands of people walking, there was a tree and a bench where I could sit for a moment in the shade, out of the pressing stream of people. An …