haiku 15

The day flies by until I remember, “my haiku,” so I step outside and there is this:

heavy scented night
jasmine stars line our pathway
thin crescent above



haiku 14

My roses are blooming crazy which makes me think of this quandary…

when are they perfect?
barely open? fully burst?
what makes you say ahhh?


haiku 13

When  all else fails, the cat will lend you a haiku.

the cat has a thought
at least, it appears that way
then he blinks, it’s gone

IMG_0197 IMG_0198

haiku twelve

When I woke up this morning, I looked at the clock and thought, “The Capitol 10,000 runners are just about finishing up.” I imagined them sweaty and smiling an endorphin soaked high. I did not long to be there although I have enjoyed those group runs. No, I was content to enjoy my Sunday lie-in with my animals who hog the pillow.

to some, it is sloth
for me, much needed self care
luxurious rest



haiku eleven

When I write a haiku, I start by sensing the world around me. In this case, today, I was noticing how damp the air was. It almost felt like I was at the beach. Except I couldn’t hear waves. Just lots and lots of birdsong, which if you think about it, sounds as cool and rhythmic as waves. Then I noticed the dog sitting next to me, listening and watching, perhaps writing her own haiku

just beyond the screen
the air coos, chirps and flutters
while the dog takes notes