Getting Unquiet

Okay…so I didn’t mean to go quiet for nearly two years. Certainly my life wasn’t quiet during that whole time. In fact, some very loud things happened to me during my absence from this blog: I got an agent who sold my manuscript, which is going to be published on September 16, 2014. That’s some pretty holy crap, shout out loud news, right? I did some pretty significant shouting over on Facebook, Twitter and Emu’s Debuts. But not here.

For one thing, I had to tuck in and write, revise, repeat on for the novel and for another, well, this blog and this site was feeling a little out of date. I thought, “Well, I’ll keep quiet just a little longer while I redo my website and blog and, you know, prepare for the new baby’s arrival.” Only painting the baby’s room and is taking way longer than I thought so I’m not going keep quiet any longer. I’ve got things to say.

Stayed tuned.


Such cool news. Over 12,000 people downloaded Snuggle Mountain thanks to AppFriday and Apps Gone Free. I hope all those folks love the story as much as Leonard Ashcraft and his daughter Ina did: “We really love the subtle animations and the voice over. AND the story. I think we may have more pancakes in our future weekends too!”

Snuggle Mountain is neck and neck with Snow White

Snuggle Mountain is neck and neck with Snow White

Free Downloads of SNUGGLE MOUNTAIN at AppFriday


You can get free downloads of SNUGGLE MOUNTAIN at the AppFriday today. And if you stop by between noon and 1 pm (Central), I’m hosting a party so bring your Cyber coffee.

Going Quiet-Absorbing the Wisdom of Quotable Tuesday

Like Jessica Powers, I love being busy and stacked up with projects. There’s an aliveness to it. I love doing a little bit everyday and inching toward the finish line. As a single mother and writer with multiple jobs, that life works.

Until it doesn’t. Until you find yourself, like Julie Larios, needing to go fishing.

That’s when I hear Kathy Nuzum and Janet Fox and all the other writers at Quotable Tuesday who have joined me to share their wisdom that gets them through the times when writing seems like the craziest (pre)occupation in the world

I have a revision to do. I have a memorial to write. I have a teen going off to Europe. And right now, that’s all I can focus on.

Quotable Tuesday will return but, for now, I need to go quiet.  I need to listen to Caroline Carlson‘s wisdom and remember “all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.”

Be well, my friends.